Beacons supported by WA VHF Group

The WA VHF Group supports several beacons in Western Australia, on frequencies VHF and above.


WA VHF Group has rationalised its support for beacons. Outside Perth and Kalgoorlie we no longer have the ability or funding to maintain beacons at a level required by licencing rules. From March 2024, the club will only operate:

    • VK6RPH (Wireless Hill: 50.46 MHz; 144.46 MHz; 432.46 MHz; 1.29646 GHz; 10.36846 GHz)
    • VK6RSP (Wireless Hill: 2.40346 GHz; 3.39846 GHz; 5.76046 GHz; 10.36846 GHz; 24.04846 GHz)
    • VK6RTU (Kalgoorlie: 50.468 MHz; 144.572 MHz; 432.572 MHz)

We have surrendered the following beacons:

    • VK6RBS (Dunsborough)
    • VK6RSW (Augusta)
    • VK6RST (Mt Barker), and
    • VK6RSX (Dampier).

=== The following is for historical interest only ===

Operators Cottage, Wireless Hill

The current beacons are as follows, including links to the licence and location maps.

Beacon Frequencies Site
VK6RPH 144.46MHz, 432.46MHz, 50.46MHz, 1.29646GHz, 10.36846GHz Wireless Hill, Ardross
VK6RSP 2.40346GHz, 3.39846GHz, 5.76046GHz, 10.36846GHz, 24.04846GHz Wireless Hill, Ardross
VK6RSX 50.304MHz, 144.576MHz Cnr Ian Williams Cres & The Esplanade, Dampier
VK6RBS 432.56MHz, 1.29618GHz, 1.29656GHz, 2.40356GHz, 3.39856GHz, 5.76056GHz, 10.3685GHz Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club, 307 Geographe Bay Road, Quindalup
VK6RTU 50.468MHz, 144.572MHz, 432.572MHz 131 Hay Street, Kalgoorlie
VK6RST 144.564MHz, 432.564MHz, 1.296564GHz, 5.760564GHz, 10.368564GHz Groupsite Adjacent to TV Site,
Mt Barker
VK6RSW 144.562MHz, 432.562MHz, 1.296562GHz, Lot 838 Millar Way, Augusta

The following list is a historical record of beacons. Only those in the table above are current.

CallSign Location MaidenHead Band Freq (MHz) Antenna Power(W) Mode Polarity HASL(m)
VK6RBS Dunsborough 70cm OF76NI 70cm 432.560 N 1 4
Wireless Hill Ardross 6m OF77VX 6m 50.066 5/8 15 CW V 47
VK6RPH Wireless Hill Ardross 2m OF77VX 2m 144.460 3/4 20 CW, JT65C, JT4F, GPS DO V 47
VK6RPH Wireless Hill Ardross 70cm OF77VX 70cm 432.460 5/8 20 CW, JT4F, GPS DO V 47
VK6RPH Wireless Hill Ardross 23cm OF77VX 23cm 1296.460 7/8 9 CW, JT4F, GPS DO V 47
VK6RSX Dampier 6m OG89ll 6m 50.304 Omni 50 CW H 20
VK6RBS Dunsborough 3cm OF76NI 3cm 10368.560 H 4
VK6RBU Bunbury 6m 6m 50.306 W & E 20 CW H 305
VK6RBU Bunbury 2m 2m 144.560 W & E 10 FSK H 304
VK6REP Esperance 2m 2m 144.568 Omni 10 FSK H 42
VK6RSP Wireless Hill Ardross 3cm OF77VX 3cm 10368.460 Omni 1 FSK H 47
VK6RST Mt Barker 2m OF85TI 2m 144.564 Omni 25 FSK, GPS DO H 1316
VK6RST Mt Barker 70cm OF85TI 70cm 432.564 N & E 40 CW, GPS DO H 1316
VK6RST Mt Barker 3cm OF85TI 3cm 10368.564 East 1 FSK, GPS DO H 1316
VK6RSW Augusta 2m 2m 144.562 Omni FSK H
VK6RBS Dunsborough 23cm OF76NI 23cm 1296.560 Nth 10 FSK H 4
VK6RSX Dampier 2m OG89II 2m 144.576 Omni 50 CW H 20
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